Customer care support or call center services can help you reach out to your customers in the best possible way. With 24x7 phone answering services, real time reporting and 100% call recording facilities from Dun & Bradstreet; you can experience increased sales and better conversion rates.

Our Contact Center Support offers a range of services to clients across industries and product lines.

Our USP- “One-Stop-Shop” for Clients

Dun & Bradstreet is a one-stop shop that offers both:

  • Access to Dun & Bradstreet’s local and global database for prospecting
  • Tele-calling Support with top quality Agents

Businesses no longer need to manage multiple data and contact center vendors and can save themselves considerable time and cost. This in-house database mapping combined with our various Sales & Marketing Solutions offers an integrated plan to our clients across industries


Growth is the mantra for all sales and marketing teams. And the key to growth is to understand the customers and their preferences about your business. And how do we achieve it ? That is where Dun & Bradstreet helps in conducting surveys. We conduct Computer-assisted telephone interviews (CATI) , in which our trained tele callers follows a script containing relevant questionnaire needed to analyze the customers requirement . These questions will help the customer to understand who their competitors are, what they need to focus on, numerous questions can be asked giving extensive flexibility in data Analysis. Hence a broad range of data can be collected .


To help you easily make sense of, benefit from and track all this data in the way that best suits your needs, we also provide an extensive portfolio of Sales & Marketing Solutions including: