Majdi Shehadeh

Systems Manager, IT
Thursday, February 27, 2020 A new emerging digital theme is the split between strategy and service delivery. Traditional IT has been good at service delivery; but what any company really needs is the strategic role, strength &  power of Information technology in bringing a Digital and Agile transformation for the organisation's operations & business process.

With innovative approaches to creating value-centers instead of cost-centers and utilizing latest technologies such as cloud, digital transformation, social and big data; IT has always been the frontrunner of transformation in an organisation.

As IT driven processes are a reflection of the personality and values of a business; in order to support & empower the business functions, it always needs to focus on the language & interests of the audience to get the right information across to the right people at the right time.

Since  joining CRIF; as a member of Global Technology team in 2018, I’ve learned multiple concepts, skills, and productive strategies. Our GT Jouney inspires every one of us to believe in the definition of the Global Technology Manifesto:

Technology: Through proven solutions, solid processes, and engineering excellence, we sustain our track record in securing our business.
Results: Each one of us is committed to empower the business with strong, pragmatic and value-based solutions, to evolve fast and conquer the global market.
People: Together, we partner with the Business Teams and make it our responsibility to support them proactively, helping and challenging decisions constructively.
Passion: At Crif's Global Technology team we believe in shaping the future by bringing new technologies to life for the service of our clients.

And finally, our spirit of "Together To The Next Level" means a lot of things for everyone in our team and it always teaches us that success is a journey, not a destination.

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