D&B's Data as a Service (DaaS) for Smart Decision-Making

D&B's Data as a Service (DaaS) for Smart Decision-Making

Posted on, 05/21/2024

Dun & Bradstreet stands at the pinnacle with the world's most expansive global business (B2B) database, distinguishing itself as the sole possessor of this comprehensive resource.

This unparalleled database encompasses details on over 500 million companies, receiving updates exceeding 5 million times a day. Powered by our unique global business identifier, the DUNSRight™ process, interlinking entities globally, Dun & Bradstreet's 'Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) promises to empower your business for success.

Our Data Differentiators

Rich Data Sources

Our comprehensive data ecosystem is powered by a diverse array of sources, aggregating insights from over 30,000 global channels. These channels include not just basic company information but also data points such as credit scores, trade experiences, corporate family trees, banking data, firmographics, social signals, and exhaustive business registrations. This multi-layered approach ensures a holistic view, enabling businesses to make well-informed decisions based on a plethora of information.

DUNSRight™ Process

The proprietary DUNSRight™ process is the core of our data reliability. It's not just about collecting vast amounts of data; it's about meticulously curating, validating, and continually updating this data from thousands of sources daily. This methodical approach ensures the accuracy, relevance, and timeliness of the information we provide. By employing stringent quality checks and validation protocols, we transform raw data into actionable insights, enabling businesses to confidently chart their paths forward.

Privacy & Compliance

Data privacy and security are at the forefront of our operations. We prioritize safeguarding sensitive information, implementing stringent measures and making continual investments to ensure the confidentiality and compliance of the data we handle. Our commitment to privacy standards not only meets regulatory requirements but also instills confidence in our clients, allowing them to leverage data-driven strategies with peace of mind.

Breadth/Depth of Data

Our data reservoir isn't just vast; it's deep and diversified. By drawing intelligence from an extensive array of data sources worldwide, we offer insights that transcend surface-level analytics. This depth allows businesses to access accurate, unbiased insights that resonate with their specific industry landscapes and market dynamics. The breadth and depth of our data allow businesses to uncover hidden correlations, trends, and opportunities that might otherwise remain elusive.

Worldwide Partnerships

Our commitment to excellence extends to forging strategic alliances with leading technology providers. Through these partnerships, we seamlessly integrate our unparalleled data directly into the core systems and platforms that power modern enterprises. By embedding our data natively into these platforms, we empower businesses to access critical information without disruption, facilitating more agile and informed decision-making processes.

Unrivaled Experience

At Dun & Bradstreet, our experience is a testament to our dedication. We are driven by a passion to cultivate invaluable business relationships by extracting meaningful insights from data. This commitment is woven into every facet of our operations, driving continual evolution and innovation in how we gather, analyze, and deliver data-driven solutions. Our unwavering focus on uncovering the truth within data sets us apart, guiding businesses toward informed, strategic decisions.

Data Quality Propelling Informed Decisions

At Dun & Bradstreet, our unwavering commitment to data quality is the linchpin of our service. We meticulously curate and refine data through a sophisticated process that ensures its accuracy, reliability, and depth, thereby transforming raw information into invaluable insights.

  1. Precision Through Data Cleansing: Our powerful data cleansing practices involve the removal of inconsistencies, errors, and duplications within datasets. By refining and standardizing information, we ensure that the data is not only accurate but also uniform, enabling seamless integration and analysis.
  2. Enrichment for Deeper Insights: Data enrichment is integral to our methodology. We augment existing datasets with additional pertinent information, such as firmographics, socio-economic data, and market trends. This enrichment process broadens the scope of available information, providing a comprehensive understanding crucial for strategic decision-making.
  3. Advanced Matching Capabilities: Leveraging cutting-edge matching algorithms, we link disparate data sources to create a unified view. Our sophisticated matching capabilities enable us to connect related entities accurately, constructing a complete and interconnected profile of businesses, their subsidiaries, and their associations.
  4. Continuous Validation and Update: Data isn't static; it's dynamic and subject to change. Recognizing this, we implement continuous validation processes that ensure the information remains current and reliable. Regular updates, occurring in real-time, guarantee that our clients access the most recent and pertinent data for their decision-making processes.
  5. Unparalleled Data Governance: Our data governance framework upholds the highest standards of accuracy, completeness, consistency, and security. This strong structure ensures compliance with industry regulations while instilling confidence in the reliability of the information accessed by our clients.
  6. Seamless Integration for Actionable Insights: By seamlessly integrating our refined and enriched datasets into clients' existing systems and processes, we empower them with actionable insights. This integration facilitates quick and informed decision-making, enabling businesses to respond promptly to market changes, identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and drive growth strategies effectively.

Trusted by Global Enterprises

Ninety percent of Fortune 500™ companies, alongside businesses of all scales globally, rely on our data, insights, and analytics. Our offerings streamline operations, manage risk, enhance targeting, uncover quality leads, fortify customer relations, and fundamentally, foster growth.

D-U-N-S® Number: The Key Identifier

Our exclusive nine-digit D&B D-U-N-S Number® serves as a universal tool, assigned to each business location within our global database. Widely utilized for identifying, organizing, and consolidating business information, it aids companies worldwide in comprehensively assessing risks and opportunities in their business associations.

Through meticulous data cleansing, enrichment, continuous validation, and seamless integration, we ensure that our clients access accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date information. This commitment enables informed, agile decision-making, fostering resilience, innovation, and sustained growth in today's dynamic business landscape.

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