Partner with us to design a Training and Consulting solution that directly addresses your business challenges.

At D&B Training and Consulting, we understand that each organisation has its own development structure, learning objectives, training requirements and unique expertise.This is why we offer customized training solutions; designed to provide inclusive direction, coaching and guidance on pertinent topics in business for employees across various verticals and functions in your organization.

Based on our underlying passion to make a real difference, our training programmes equip career driven individuals with the skills to sustain lifelong learning, benefiting organisations beyond the programme and into the future.

Our training solutions are customized and tailor made programmes that cater to the needs of executives who want the best that financial education has to offer. Our programmes ensure to push you to greater levels of success and growth; enabling you and your team to meet the unique threats and challenges that your organisation faces.

Business Consulting
Formulation of board level policy frame works to process level of implementation strategies, including training manuals, personalized consultative coaching & guiding your team to take professional measures.


Anti-Money Laundering & Countering of Terrorist Funding Solutions
Design of robust AML/CFT policies & providing required assistance to implement a strong AML/CFT regime across functions, departments, products & services for your business.


Threat Assessment and Response
Prepare threat assessment reports specific to your business and industry, also provide effective consulting expertise with insights to help you respond to identified business threats & strategies to mitigate risk of any abuse to your business.


Specialized consultative coaching & Risk mitigation solutions
Provide consultative coaching on various AML/CFT threats like financial crimes, cyber crimes, corruption & tax related frauds, tracking crimes, identity thefts & other risks & abuses which can affect your business adversely through Industry specific learnings & best practices.


Consultation on Adherence of Regulatory requirements
Consulting businesses to help them understand regulatory requirements & effectively help them prepare robust plans to implement with proven solid workable solutions. Work closely with regulatory bodies to provide valuable inputs to enhance supervisory oversight to effectively motivate all market players to abide & follow ethical business practices.


Country, Industry, Market & Business Specific Intelligence Reports
Provide comprehensive studies & assessments on various industries & sectors along with country risk & international payment risk reports to help you manage & mitigate risk in all your business ventures.