Swapna Thindiath

HR Manager
Wednesday, January 23, 2019 I have been working with CRIF D&B since 2015, I am the HR Manager here. I totally enjoy my role and what makes it so interesting is dealing with dynamic people.
Furthermore, there is a scope for continuous learning and finding innovative solutions on how to make things better whether its talent management, employee engagement or any other facet of HR to align with the strategic goals of the company.
I had an enriching experience of being recently involved in the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training and also participating in an internal operations project. It gave me an opportunity to work alongside fellow colleagues from different departments, understand the problem at hand, and conduct a deep dive to follow the steps involved in operations and work together to reach the end goal of the project.
​What I like about working with CRIF D&B is the openness, it is quite easy to approach employees at various levels in the company and the entrepreneurial spirit I have seen consistently across the company not only in the Dubai office but also across CRIF Group.
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